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Want to enjoy the benefits of massages on a regular basis? Consider booking a Couples Massage Workshop at my Dover studio and start reaping the benefits of massage at home.

During this 2 1/2 hour workshop, you and your partner will be introduced to the basics of Swedish massage. I invite only one couple per workshop and the training can be customized based on the skill level and comfort of the couple. You will practice on a professional massage table, but many of these techniques can be adapted for massage at home without a table.

Each person will receive one hour of hands on training massaging their partner. Part of your time will be spent practicing massage strokes after I have demonstrated them. Part of your time will be spent mimicking my strokes on one side of your partner's body while I work on the other. 4 handed massage!

Whether you are looking to try something fun and new, or you are hoping to improve the quality of your touch at home, a Couples Massage Workshop has something for everyone.


I booked a couples massage workshop at Me Time because my husband's hands would tire quickly when whenever he gave me a shoulder massage. Now he looks forward to giving me daily shoulder and neck massages! That little bit of relaxation makes a huge difference in my stress levels!! - Tina G

We love trying new things and have always wanted to learn couples massage. I felt like we kind of knew how to touch each other. But after the workshop, I realize we had been doing the same things over and over. It was a great experience to hear recommendations from someone else and then get to try them in real time. Never stop learning! - Mark & Brenda

This wasn't just a workshop. It was the best "date night" we've have had in years. Hope to do this again sometime? Is there an advanced workshop? - Bill W

If I learned one thing from Roland's workshop, it is this. Find time in your schedule to care for your partner without the expectation of immediate returns. Knowing I can just zone out and receive some much-needed attention without having to respond in kind makes the experience that much better. - Arielle H

I learned a lot during our workshop, but the lasting memory for me was how amazing the 4 handed massage felt. - Susan H

(603) 686-9128