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Breast Massage

Breast massage can be a wonderful additional to any woman's wellness routine. Aside from the immediate therapeutic benefits, routine breast massage can assist in the fight against congestion related breast issues. On top of that, it can feel nurturing and relaxing.

New Hampshire requires a therapist to obtain a client's verbal informed consent before including breasts in a massage routine. During the intake process, I will explain the benefits to my client and let her know that breast massage is an option. For those who are unsure or need additional time for consideration, I am happy to provide take home literature to help make a more informed decision. For those accepting for the first time, we will talk through the routine together. I have found that having a real time conversation during the process not only lets my client express what and how she is feeling, but it is also useful in overcoming any initial nervousness. After concluding a first session, I will inquire about the experience.

I received bodywork from Roland at a time when I was feeling physically uncomfortable and emotionally fatigued. I was experiencing the breast tenderness, bloating and discomfort that comes with Premenstrual Syndrome and was curious if massage would alleviate my symptoms. Roland was incredibly professional, understanding and accommodating, and I felt so comforted and nurtured in his presence. I received breast massage from Roland and never once felt uncomfortable or judged. He made me feel empowered to communicate my boundaries, which he maintained and respected in a professional manner. To my surprise, the breast tenderness and muscle cramping I felt beforehand had dissipated and I felt far more grounded.
J. Green

I recognize that breast massage can be a controversial subject, but I feel the physiological, emotional and psychological benefits that safe, therapeutic breast massage can offer are too important to ignore. These include pain relief, improved immune function, increased self awareness and nurtured relaxation. There are many more outlined in detail by reputable massage and health organizations listed at the end of this page.

I received my breast massage training and certification from Cheryl Chapman, a nationally recognized therapist and breast health advocate. I invite you to have a healthy discussion about breasts at your next session. Here are some additional resources for your continued education.

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